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Are you looking to expand your vision? Let me bring experience design through the lens of narrative psychology and systems thinking

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With the merger between William Hill and Caesars Entertainment complete, I took part in the creation of a new Requirements Area involved with integrating Caesars Rewards into our freshly white-labeled sportsbook app.




This product was designed for you to see the outfit a character wore on a television show or movie, then find it available for purchase on the app or website.

There was a need to restructure and rebrand the I.T. Departments operations within Fitbit. My role was to understand employee needs and ensure their experience with the department was enjoyable.




Salutations! I am Jaynesis (commonly known by "JB").

I have extensive experience in the fashion, entertainment, and technology industries, having been involved in these fields since childhood. Throughout my career, I've honed my analytical skills and developed a strong sense of resourcefulness that helps me excel in any task.

My academic background in spiritual and narrative psychology allows me to understand people on a deep level and apply that knowledge to product strategy. As a result, I'm able to effectively collaborate with clients from diverse backgrounds and walks of life.

My focus on design leadership and systems thinking enables me to approach challenges with a holistic perspective, always striving to see the best in every individual and project. With my unique blend of skills and expertise, I'm well-equipped to drive success in any industry.

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