Are you looking to expand your vision? Let me bring experience design through the lens of narrative psychology and systems thinking


There was a need to restructure and rebrand the I.T. Departments operations within Fitbit. My role was to understand employee needs and ensure their experience with the department was enjoyable.



This product was designed for you to see the outfit a character wore on a television show or movie, then find it available for purchase on the app or website.

Seeing the growth of mobile usage and the popularity of League of Legends, this was a market opportunity to translate Riot Games' desktop product and promote visibility on your mobile device.

*We had the opportunity to share this with various staff at Riot Games' headquarters in Santa Monica, CA.


Salutations! I am Jaynesis (commonly known by "JB").

I journeyed through the fashion, entertainment industries, and have tinkered with tech since I was a child. On the side, I'm a blogger for Nerd Reactor and relax through sketching ideas. I'm a dedicated gamer, analyzing usability and market strategy through this industry.


My studies focused on spiritual and narrative psychology, which helps me understand people and strategize products with clients from various walks of life. Daily, I try to promote design leadership, systems thinking, and strive to see the best in everyone!

Please reach out at your earliest convenience and we can explore my ability to assist your vision.

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